"We need bridges and not walls!"

... is a phrase that sums up one of the most important aspects of Pope Francis pontificate and accurately identifies a well-determined choice. This event is an opportunity to meet, and it is animated by a strong ethical tension that is manifested through the promotion of reconciliation between people, not simply by excluding but thanks to the diversity of their choices of life, faith, culture, or social conditions.

We have received the strong impulse in this direction from the work of Pope Francis.

This is the origin of the desire, shared by Maestro Bocelli, to work with the power of music and the values it conveys, and so build this great embrace between peoples and traditions, with all their differences. Not surprisingly, during the Pope’s most recent trip to the Holy Land, one of his gestures with the greatest symbolic impact was precisely the embrace with the Muslim Omar Abboud and the Jew Abraham Skórka.

The project was built, with this spirit, focused on the universal value of love, real bridge between all forms of diversity and place of revelation of the mystery of God. The Church, faithful to the action of the Lord Jesus, meets men and women of our time to share with them, in a particularly beautiful way, the good news of love. It is a universal message that appeals to everyone, as the success encountered for Pope Francis and his sympathy.

The events planned and wanted by the Pontifical Council for the Family in collaboration with Maestro Andrea Bocelli are an opportunity to rediscover the good news of the family:

  • founded on the universal vocation to love between spouses that generates life
  • school of humanity and of natural sociability
  • place where we discover that we are love unconditionally
  • training ground, where we learn to live in harmony with others: parents, children, grandparents, a sign of harmony and a presence of peace and development in society
  • symbol that Jesus chose as a sign of his indissoluble love for the Church
  • the "Great Mystery" mentioned by St. Paul (Eph 5:32) that presents the intimate vocation of each couple

A series of events to put the focus of the civil and ecclesial community on the charm and beauty of the love between man and woman, the family and the multiple values ​​they evoke. Each event takes place inside the Cathedral, in the style desired by Pope Francis, in which the church has to become once again the meeting place and a shelter for everybody. A bridge and not a wall for the building up of society.

The evening takes place in four stages: Communio, Confession Laudis, Kerygma, Bendictio.

H. Exc. Mons. Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, welcomes participants and tells the meaning of the event. "" Sing to the Lord a new song "(Psalm 95.1) says the psalmist. Again because it comes to renewi the family relationships, today often so mistreated. The Music and the Word join their forces to set up a perfect banquet to which we would like to invite every man and woman, of all conditions, choice or religious affiliation, because they can stop and taste the goodness, the beauty and the truth brought by love and embodied in the family."
(Exc. Mgr. Vincenzo Paglia)

Confession Laudis
Maestro Andrea Bocelli accompanied by the best orchestras and choir, often with the participation of distinguished guests, as happened in Barcelona with violinist Anastasiya Petryshak, sing the beauty and wonder of love.
"" Singing is for one who loves"says St. Augustine (Sermon 336.1) and nothing better than singing can express and proclaim the praise for what love has done in our lives. The proposed pieces offer a symbolic journey, full of reciprocal references between the human dimension of love and the religious one, in an admirable interweaving that generates awe and thanksgiving”.
(From the Sagrada Familia event brochure)

The Archbishop of the Cathedral held a brief catechesis on some of the many good news about love and family in God's plan.

Prayer, Cardinal greeting and final song of the Maestro Andrea Bocelli.

The event is entirely free